What is Bushwick Open Studios (BOS)? From their website: Our Mission: AIB is an all-volunteer organization that serves and engages artists and other neighborhood residents through creative accessibility and community organizing. Since its inception, AIB has made strides to connect the arts community to the Bushwick community at large. Our goal is to create an integrated and sustainable neighborhood, bringing together all Bushwick residents and stakeholders to counter development-driven displacement.”

How was BOS founded? In 2007, about 15 local artists and community activists came together, creating Bushwick Open Studios to promote creative accessibility in the neighborhood that has now emerged as an artistic focal point in NYC. 

Is Holy BOS! affiliated with BOS? No, there is no affiliation; however both organizations share the same mission of promoting local artists and events. 

Is your event free? Part of the event is free; however certain activities will require tickets. We recommend buying a weekend pass ensuring admission to all events over the course of the weekend.

How many people will attend your event? Bushwick Open Studios has attracted over 5000 visitors in 2011 and we believe this year that the numbers will be even greater with many organizers committing to creating amazing experiences as well as the MTA promising uninterrupted service. Holy BOS! will have between 1500-2500 attendees over the course of the weekend. 

How many artists participate in BOS? Registration began April 1 for BOS 2012, so we can't answer that for this year yet. In 2007, there were approximately 150 shows in BOS. By 2011, we had over 300 shows featuring the work of more than 500 individual artists. 

How do I get to HOLY BOS!? We highly recommend taking the J,M,Z train to Myrtle/Broadway and walking over to 626 Bushwick Ave  (See map for directions)

Still have questions and/or just want to get in touch? Well then beholy(at)holybos(dot)com