May 30, 2012

Interview with Peter Bardazzi - by ArtGypsy Tales

Home or Away?

I don’t have a “home “ in the normal sense of the word. Studios are very transient: they’re like subway stops. You hop, on, get off, move on. Home is similar.

There is a Picasso painting from the Blue Period (The circus series). There were two harlequins, one of which is sleeping. The sleeping figure is what home is: a sense of security + being watched over. Home is harmony.

What are you working on at the moment? Any exciting future projects?

Working on a killer series (smaller scale paintings). I'm also doing a cinematic project called "Hell." It's like going back to the trails we come from. I'm fascinated with the history of hell.

I am excited to be participating in Holy BOS. The art world is in many ways a commercial structure. I really feel like this show is out of the system where art is usually treated as a commodity. Something is truly coming together + being expressed outside of any system. Making a larger creation with many creations - all in one site - a great platform for expression.

If you could pack only one thing in your suitcase, what would it be?

If we were in the movies, I would pack a pistol.

If it's my life outside of cinema, I would take my girlfriend Asayo.

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May 26, 2012

Interview with James Keul - by ArtGypsy Tales

Where is your most inspirational place?


Your favorite work? Why?

One of my most recent paintings 'The progress of mankind.' It was fun to work on, I never did anything so big before. It was such a departure from the studies + paintings I've done. I did it thinking it was the last chance I had to make a large piece like that… It'll be showing at Holy BOS.

What is success for you?

Continue to do what I'm doing: just being able to paint. I guess it wouldn't hurt to be able to buy some land someday.

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May 25, 2012

NewVillager at Black & White Gallery

Prior to performing at Holy BOS! on its opening night June first, NewVillager will also be exhibited at Black & White Gallery. For the opening exhibit 'The Visitor,' they will construct a ring of a hundred objects in the project space in Williamsburg. At 9pm, when the exhibition's opening ends, ten NewVillager players (and our fellow Black & White Gallery crowd) will make a pilgrimage to the repurposed Bobby Redd church at 626 Bushwick Avenue in Bushwick.

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May 24, 2012

Interview with Sigal- By ArtGypsy Tales

Home or Away?

I love being at home. I wake up to my work. I can't go to sleep without creating. I need to see my kids, my animals, my plants. I need to be surrounded by my books + my things that I collect. An infinity of objects that I find: wherever I go my pockets are always full.

I do need to go out but it is always an intense experience. My senses + sensitivity are particularly sharp, so every time I go out I see + feel everything in such a raw + exposed way. When I make art, I take in so much. It's most often motivated by what I fear.

Home is also a specific place, far from New York. It's a small beach in Israel: fifteen minutes from my parents' home in Sidne Ali. No one knows it. That beach contains archaeology left from Roman times. As a kid I used to play in sand + find old coins… Whenever I go back to that place, it’s my peace of heaven.

Who are you + What is your message through creation?

" I'm collection of mistakes. That's why I'm so perfect." That's what my army chief commander once told me.  I'm a multi-creative, spread in so many fields. I'm a tool for the imagination of my soul. It is what leads me. It's not me that decides what I'm going to to make + convey, but am guided entirely by my creativity.

What is success for you?

To be happy. Satisfied with who I am + what I have. Live on my own level. Appreciate the good of life.

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May 21, 2012

Interview with Ben Wolf - by Artgypsy Tales

1) Home or Away?

Away. Ever since I was twelve, I've been traveling. At that age, I went to Nicaragua by myself + stayed with a family. I've always had the travel fever. I grew up in Nashville + moved to NY when I was eighteen. I was always drawn to bigger cities, bigger groups, bigger actions.

2) Who are you + What is your message through creation?

I hope to be + try to be a 'permissarean': someone who through their actions + words + spirit, enable others to take risks to dive deeper + explore, even more than they would normally grant themselves.

I think my approach with art is to create installations, sculptures, pieces that encourage people to explore physically + visually. I really hope my work + way of life inspires to visit, try unconventional places + ways of existing.

I find it very important to live life in an interesting way, there is no way for me to detach that from my artistic creativity. It's important that life explorations go into art work + then into your community + leading to more explorations. It's a cycle. It gives me great pleasure when people that participate in a project I do then tell me that they went + took different risks whether being with their own life or their art.

3) Your first artistic encounter?

When I was I was twelve in Nicaragua. All of the community spaces have a covered wall with very elaborate epic murals. It would tell the story of resistance, struggle + perseverance of the Nicaraguan people. It was so striking to me how much aesthetic beauty there was + how it drew people to pay closer attention to details + the narrative of story. It was the first time I saw art that tied in life + creativity. I've always been inspired to do that.

4) Where is your most inspirational place?

The most inspirational places are vast vacancies. Ones that have been forgotten about + unkept. When you're inside of them, there's such a stillness, a resonant silence to it all. It is a total blankness that there's only room for growth. The only option is to think of what you can do + what can happen.

5) What is the first step in your creative process?

First step is being open + available to receiving inspiration + ideas. It's trying hard to not pigeon-hold my own mind + fabricate some made up identity. Returning to the first step is always the first step + being unafraid of making things that may be ugly, etc. I'm still practicing, always rehearsing for the 'big show.'

6) What are you working on at the moment? Any exciting future projects?

I'm interested in ways in which creativity + activism can combine. I want to start working with prisoner activism that utilizes creativity. No clear agenda, being open to it.

I feel very excited to partner up with the group of people involved in Holy BOS  + be an element of a larger cohesive experience. I want to interweave my creativity into the already existing architecture + am grateful for this experience.

Right now I'm more interested in projects, events + experiences more than shows. I'm going to visit with Death Row soon + talk with them, be around, listen. I really want to see how positive actions can be subversive actions.

Helping organize + participate in spontaneous explosions of creativity. That really feels important, especially being back in Brooklyn.

7) Your favorite work? Why?

The dormer house in Detroit. I made it in 2010. It was funded + documented by Juxtapoz magazine. It utilized condemned houses that were going to be sent to the landfill. It's now a site where all sorts of people go to + enjoy. It's an incredible gift to be able to participate in that type of action. I hope to be able to continue to work on a large scale.

photograph by Tod Seelie

8) Your fantasized collaboration (dead or alive)?

Gordon Matta-Clark

9) What is success for you?

True wealth is a strong family of friends, where the bond is love + respect. If you have that + give to that, then you have success.

10) If you could pack only one thing in your suitcase, what would it be?

A time machine.

11) What would you imagine your last words to be?

If someone ever asks you "Are there sharks in those waters?"

You reply "It's an open ocean."

This artist is based in New York, USA.

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May 17, 2012



Big thanks for the poster and design help to the mysterious men behind Secret Handshake, a new design & print studio based in Bushwick. 


May 3, 2012

Help Kickstart The Desert Forest

The Desert Forest, which will debut for Holy BOS! is an interactive and immersive art installation to be built first in New York and then in the Nevada Desert at Burning Man 2012. The forest will be constructed out of plastic, fake fur, and a variety of light and sound elements.  The forest will have various “clearings”, alluding to nature and organic environments, providing natural points for groups to gather and interact in a whimsical and restorative environment.  

A goal of the forest, besides its aesthetic beauty, is to transform the visitor's state of mind: to provide a reprieve from the commonplace and induce an enchanted, shifted perspective. A small prototype has seen more than 500 visitors, all of whom reported deep relaxation, meditation, a place of inspiration, and childlike playfulness among many other positive experiences. 

Check out their kickstarter campaign here.